24 Sep

These are a few of my photos from my GCSE Photography.

The first three are from my exam piece of the topic ‘Overflowing’. The next six are from my travel/transport unit one piece of coursework, and the rest are my macro shots from my unit two coursework.


24 Sep

new blog – long. long time since the last blog and a long week or so!

Thought I’d better get into this whole blogging thing, esp as I need to do one for my AS Media Studies :s

Had a pretty long week this week, college is soo tiring! and as much as I like all my frees, I hate hanging around for 2 and a half hours in the middle of the day just for last lesson. Saying that though, the lessons have been alright so far 🙂 pretty much like all my teachers. English is going good, Critical Thinking is much better than I thought, and German is suprisingly not as hard as I thought it would be. Thank god it’s friday though! Not got a very busy weekend planned, just a bit of homework, got to read ‘A Room With A View’ for English, and also get my hair cut and go to a Psychic Supper with my friend. Never been to a Psychic Supper before, but I’m sometimes a bit cynical about things until I have an experience myself, so hopefully should be good 🙂


first blog and first day at college :)

09 Sep

First day at Sixth Form today

Wasn’t too bad, absolutely shattered now though! It was absolutely packed at the beginning of the day, but suprisingly didn’t seem like there were two years at some points. Only lessons I had today were German and Psychology, both weren’t too full on, just a kind of introduction to the subject. Luckily knew quite a few people in German and one in Psychology, soo wasn’t too bad 🙂 Tomorrow is English Literature and Language Combined, Psychology and German, with two frees in between Psychology and German. On top of that I only have to go in at 10:10 so should be a pretty good day 😉

Hello! :)

17 Aug

In the middle of setting this thing up – will start blogging soon!

Media Girl